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When I grow up...

When you were younger what did you dream of becoming? I had many dreams; a nurse, an air hostess, a singer, a lawyer (actually did the degree, tick) the list goes on. What I love looking back on is the imagination that we had as children. Why does that stop? Well, it shouldn't. We should continue to pursue what we love doing even if it's a hobby and not necessarily a job. Life isn't fully set in stone, things can change in an instant and that's what makes it so magical. Growing up education was everything and I was told by my parents to travel the world and seek adventures before even thinking about marriage and children, which I'm truly grateful for. Life is what you make it and you are fully in charge of writing your own script. If there is something that is no longer bringing you joy or you look to the future and see it happier when changes are made - make the changes. Many of us play safe and take the easy route but where is the fun or the joy in that. To live the life you dream of:

  • Create goals: big ones and small ones - everything is within reach with passion and determination.

  • Nourish your body & mind: they are the only ones you get. Your GP is not in charge of your body and mind, you are so look after it. Find balance in your food, movement, sleep and mindfulness.

  • Find your tribe: find a tribe of people that you can connect with on all levels to raise your vibe and you support them in the same way. Positivity is contagious the same as negativity, choose wisely.

  • Take Risks: if I asked you right now what your dream job would be, what would it be? Dissect it and then make a plan of how you can work to achieve it. You can retrain at any age so don't let age restrict you.

  • Learn: continue to learn and up skill yourself. Life is to explore and learn so why not pick up some skills along the way. Learn to craft, play the guitar, write a book - the list is endless.

  • Love: love deeply and express kindness to others - what you put into the world you will receive back and what is a world without love and kindness.

Above all else, dream big and go grab it ~ one chance, one opportunity!

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