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What gets you moving?

When it comes to moving your body, it's very individual. Not one form of exercise suits everyone in the same way. Stress, hard work, and overthinking can create tension in the body, which can lead to chronic aches, tightness, and constipation. Many people try to alleviate these symptoms with alcohol and sugar, which ultimately leads to more unrest for the mind and body. Exercise is a great way to release built up tension. Developing a regular exercise program to suit your particular body type and lifestyle will have many rewards. The challenge sometimes is finding the type of exercise you enjoy most, and introducing it into your routine. Things that will help you find what works for you:

  • Remember what you enjoyed most when you were a child?

  • Listen to your body: movement is like food, understand what movement will nourish your body.

  • Your personality type: do you prefer solo workouts at home or team sport? Or perhaps a blend of both?

  • Energy: when do you feel most energetic? Morning, afternoon or evening?

  • Convenience & Comfort: find a gym or studio that is close to home or work and has a welcoming environment that makes you feel comfortable.

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