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Ways to Live in the Moment

Tomorrow isn’t promised, so let’s live more in the moment.Here are some ways to support you:

Practice Gratitude: don’t take things for granted. Be thankful for the smallest things the smile the stranger gave you, the kindness someone showed you, your family and friendships, your job, the food you eat, the list of things you can be grateful for is endless. Each time you think of or write down a moment you are grateful for, say Thank you three times and embody the feeling of gratitude.

Focus on the Present: turn off your phone and TV, slow down and pay attention to the present moment. Those moments never present themselves again, so savour each as if it’s true. Practicing mindfulness helps reduce stress and boosts your immunity supporting physical and mental health benefits.

Find Joy: take notice of the small joys in life. When you laugh at the radio or your favourite song comes on, the stranger who said hello and smiled, the random act of kindness you received or gave, the compliment you witnessed. Joy surrounds us, all we have to do is notice.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: harder than it sounds, but when some things are out of your control, try to let it be free from your mind. Try to rationalise the worrying thought by noticing if it will impact your life in the long term or short term. Then decide what part of it is worth the worry, can you change it or not? If not, let it go. If you can make a change, then make a reasonable and achievable change to rectify the situation. Focus on problem solving instead of consuming yourself with the worry of what if’s. Love & laugh more: no explanation needed, just laugh more with your friends and family showing them your love. Have fun: life is a journey full of twists and turns and no matter what it throws at you find the fun times especially in those moments when you need it most. What's a life without fun.

Life moves quickly, try not to miss out on the moments it offers you.

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