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Time for a Digital Detox?

If you have not yet watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix I would encourage you to do so. It's an eye opener and incredibly important information that everyone should be aware of. Some of you may not know, but I am also Marketing Manager, so for me I was pretty aware of most things things from a targeting perspective, but what we see now for the future looks more concerning that just advertising space.

Receiving notifications on your phone, your watch, laptop are all triggers which release dopamine - a pleasure hormone that is also released when addicted to drugs or alcohol. Our lives should not revolve around technology yet it appears that's the way we're heading. It's scary how we're forgetting how to have proper conversations in person with people. It's so important that we stay connected to real life and limit our usage to stay healthy. We can still have fun and use social media responsibly, so that's really the point - are we using it responsibly and if not, let's get better at it. Here are 5 Ways you can try to limit your usage:

  1. No Phones whilst eating: create a routine that nobody within the home can use their phone at the dinner table. Eating dinner together is an opportunity to connect and discuss your day, feelings, dreams etc. This should also be the case if at work, put your phone out of sight and connect with your colleagues or even your own thoughts. When you don't focus on your meal, you may be prone to get indigestion or overeat.

  2. No Technology in the Bedroom: leave your phone out of the bedroom and get a traditional alarm clock. This not only aides better sleep, but it will also take away initial triggers to check your phone constantly. This should be the same for laptops and anything else digital, keep them away from the bedroom. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place of rest.

  3. Rediscover Paper: Read a traditional newspaper or book, removing the screen swiping habit. Too much screen time can cause eye strain, blurred vision, headaches and posture issues leading to future health issues.

  4. Limit yourself to one screen at a time: if you choose to watch TV then put your phone and tablet away. Choose only one at a time and limit how much time you spend online. Some social media channels actually have timers on them to remind you of how much time you have spent online. I encourage you to use them and set your own limits.

  5. Detox your Apps: remove Apps from your phone that you no longer use or those that you no longer want. Choose which ones bring you joy and remove those that don't. Remember you don't have to be online to feel connected. Most of us now online feel more disconnected than ever, so be mindful of this. Also disable push notifications across all Apps.

Making big changes can be difficult, especially when we've become so accustomed to social media. Start small. Take small steps in limiting your social media usage and note how you feel in these moments.

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