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How to create a morning routine

A morning routine seems to be a growing trend at the moment. I certainly have a morning routine and I highly recommend it to everyone. It helps you gain focus and set you up for the day ahead. Although, I'll be honest that my routine lately has changed a little due to dark winter mornings. They just aren't as inviting when getting up early in the morning. Nevertheless, I'm still a morning person. Like having a child they tend to have routine especially when it comes to morning and evening, therefore as we get older there's no reason why that should change.

To help kickstart your day check out some of these ideas and choose one at a time when introducing them into your own lifestyle:

  • Wake Early: plan what time you wake up to create time for yourself.

  • Gratitude: as soon as your feet touch the floor say - thank you! Gratitude will give you a great positive mindset for your day ahead.

  • Hydrate: drink a large glass of water upon waking up. It will hydrate your entire body and support healthy digestion.

  • Move your body: this can be some stretching, a workout, walk or run - find what you enjoy and do at least some movement for 5-10mins depending on your schedule.

  • Journal: writing down your thoughts, goals, plans & intentions really help you manage your own thoughts and prioritise what is important to you.

  • Breath work: simply take a seat and spend a few minutes on breath work. Setting intentions for your day ahead, inviting calm into the body and mind.

  • Meditate: the best time to meditate is in the morning. Purely because you have less distractions and it helps support your intentions for the day ahead with clarity and focus.

Those who have a morning routine tend to be more productive and successful in their day to day life. That's not to say that those without are not successful. It simply means that if you were to choose one of the above and introduce into your morning routine, what would change? And would it be for the better? Remember when starting anything new, start small. Don't overwhelm yourself by doing everything at once. Choose something you can introduce easily into your routine. For example: if you have a coffee each morning, take a glass of water before hand and then practice your breathwork whilst waiting on the coffee to cool. Integrating a new habit with an existing habit will help it stick.

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