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Healthy habits to add to your morning routine

A great way at creating a healthy habit is habit stacking. This is where you add an extra habit on top of an existing habit. For example, if you drink a coffee each morning, why not add a new habit that goes along with it. In this instance, perhaps some journalling or meditation. We're not all morning people, but research suggests that training ourselves to have healthier habits in the morning can help set us up for the day, becoming more content and productive for the day ahead.

Here are some easy healthy habits you may want to include into your morning routine:

  • Practice Gratitude: get yourself a notepad and note down 3 things you feel grateful for. Then read each one out loud and repeat thank you three times after each one. Really feel and embody the sense of gratitude for each one.

  • Hydrate: you've been asleep for a long time so it's time to hydrate the body especially before reaching for your morning caffeine Keep a bottle of water beside your bed so upon waking you can hydrate your body and brain.

  • Morning Pages: this is a form of journaling and something I am currently doing. Every morning upon waking I write 3 pages of morning pages. It's effectively a brain dump. It doesn't need to make sense and you don't need to read them back. It's a great way to get everything from your mind down on paper to reduce negative energy and improve clarity and focus for your day ahead.

  • Breathwork (Pranayama): this could simply be taking 5 fuller breaths, helping you invite calmness into the body and become more ready for the day. Try taking an inhale through the nose, hold for 5seconds, then exhale for 5seconds - then repeat as often as feels good.

  • Movement: get your body moving. You've been in sleep mode for a long period, so we need to break down the fascia and improve our mobility for the day ahead. It could just be 15 minutes of yoga, stretching, a walk in nature or a full strength workout. Whatever helps wake up the body whilst also making you feel good about yourself.

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