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Feng Shui your home

Feng Shui is a practice that helps harmonise energy within your home environment. It can be used to attract things into your life as well as balance your individual energy within your home. Here are some Feng Shui techniques that you can try out: Health

  • Clear out clutter throughout your home, supports a clearer mind.

  • Avoid metal bed frames as they pick up electromagnetic waves from technology and affect sleep cycles. Instead, try a wooden bed frame.

  • Pay attention to the air flow around your home. Open windows, use fans to support air flow around the home and have plants, great air purifiers.


  • Sleep on one side of the bed and clear out a few drawers to create space for a potential partner.

  • Always throw away dead flowers.

  • Put two roses next to your bed and visualise what they mean for you in terms of calling in love.


  • A first impression sets the tone. Make sure your door bell works and your house number is visible so that abundance can find you.

  • Fix leaks in the home. Regular leaks represent financial leaks, so by keeping your home stable, it will allow your finances to be stable and grow.

  • Get creative by introducing artwork with waterfalls, horses, or moving boats as these images represent flow and abundance.

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