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Benefits of Fresh Sea Air

Instantly we typically say 'it's great to get fresh air' - especially when we walk by the sea. But did you know there are actually scientific benefits to getting fresh sea air? Walking beside the ocean brings a sense of calm and peace to many, so it should come at no surprise that it's actually healthy to be by the sea. The ocean and sea air has been known for years to have healing properties. There have been many scientific studies over the years exploring what these are and what the true benefits are when it comes to breathing in the sea and ocean air. Key findings have shown improvements in:

  • Improved lung function: ocean air helps detoxify the body by filling your lungs with negatively charged ions that boost your immune system.

  • Mood booster: the ocean and it's surroundings can change our brainwaves into a more calm and meditative state. The sound of the waves contributes to strengthening and healing our brains.

  • Natural Anti-depressant: the negative ions accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen, and balance serotonin levels, which is a body chemical linked with mood and stress.

  • Body & Mind detoxification: High levels of minerals such as magnesium, iodine and potassium are found in sea water, all of which help fight off infection, assist the body in healing and detoxifying and provide therapeutic effects.

  • Improved skin & complexion: swimming in sea water can unclog pores in the skin and allows for the expulsion of toxins from the body.

  • Enhanced circulation: sea water restores essential minerals that have been depleted by poor diet, stress and environmental toxins.

Not everyone has the luxury of a beach close to where they live, but if you do, take advantage and go reap those health benefits. It's FREE and will improve your mental and physical health!

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