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5 ways to reduce inflammation in the body

Inflammation is our body’s normal and healthy response to injury or attack on the immune system. Inflammation on the surface of the body can be described as heat, redness, swelling, and/or pain. Whilst chronic can be low-level inflammation at the cellular level – known as the “silent killer” which develops without pain and can lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. To help prevent and reduce inflammation in the body you can do the following:

  1. Eat more anti-inflammatory foods such as: blueberries, dark chocolate, green tea, wild-caught salmon, ginger, turmeric, extra virgin olive oil, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes and kelp.

  2. Diet: try to avoid or reduce red meat, alcohol, refined sugar, gluten and dairy when possible. Eat local produce and know where your food comes from.

  3. Exercise: aiming for 3-5 days per week, for at least 30 minutes per session. It will help to reduce excess weight, the likelihood of chronic illness, and builds overall wellness. Additionally, exercise–including yoga and meditation can promote mental clarity and reduce stress.

  4. Reduce stress: in the workplace, within relationships and practice self care to support your overall mental health.

  5. Reduce exposure to environmental elements such as: secondhand smoke, pollution, heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides and chemicals.

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