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5 Tips to achieve your goals

For many of us, goals can sometimes seem work-related, but in fact its so important that we strive to have personal and professional goals in life. It helps bring us focus on what's important to us and what we hope to achieve.

Sometimes when we set goals, they don't always come through for us, which isn't always a bad thing. This could be because the goal was too ambitious or maybe it may not actually fit the long term goal. In order to make anything stick whether its a new habit or routine, it's important to think about your goals long-term and will those habits help you achieve them. To achieve your goals, it's important to introduce small steps that are sustainable to help cultivate the change and make sure you achieve your ultimate goal. Here are my top 5 tips on how you can be successful in achieving your goals:  

  1. Get clear on your Goals: how will this new habit or routine impact your life and help you achieve your goals? For example, if you wish to get up earlier in the morning to workout, it will help you gain clarity and vision for your day ahead whilst also allowing you to become healthier and fit long-term. Ultimately this regular practice will become part of who you are. So, who do you want to become? 

  2. Plan: whatever the activity may be, put it in your diary and do it regularly. If you have promised yourself to meditate for 5 minutes each day, plan what time and set reminders in your calendar. 

  3. Be Consistent: when you plan, make sure you keep your promise to yourself. When we make a commitment to ourselves, its like we're making the same commitment to a friend. You wouldn't cancel a walk with a friend, so don't cancel on yourself. 

  4. Make sure it brings you Joy: in order to remain consistent it should bring you joy along the way to meeting your goals. If it doesn't bring you joy, then it may be time to find something else that does. Perhaps you want to start getting more creative and learn how to paint. You may not be amazing as a beginner but allow the process to bring you joy along the way.

  5. Track your progress: with anything in life, when we track our progress it provides us with a sense of accomplishment as well as the opportunity to reflect on what has and hasn't worked well for us. Not everything works well for everyone, so its important to track what's working specifically for you.

Goal setting is important for us all. It helps us to stay on track with what brings us joy in life. Start reflecting on what you want to achieve in your life and start to visualize it all coming together. 

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