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5 Tips on Finding a Work/Life Balance

So I know many of us at this point are working from home and therefore, work/life balance can seem a little blurred. Being out of balance can have significant effects on all aspects of your life, so its important to create harmony in your life and establish a healthy rhythm that’s sustainable and feels good to you. Self-Care

  • You can’t do good work or be fully present with others if you’re not taking good care of yourself.

  • Allow yourself to be appropriately compensated for your good work.

  • Build time into your schedule to indulge in things you love to do that nourish you.

Establish Boundaries at Home & Work

  • Set working and non-working hours, and honor your word regarding your schedule, this includes taking breaks.

  • Clearly communicate guidelines for how and when to reach you outside of these hours, if necessary.

  • Healthy boundaries will improve your quality of life and relationships with others.

Batch Similar Activities Together

  • Conserve your energy by limiting the amount of “back and forth” between tasks.

  • Group similar tasks together in time blocks so you can ride the momentum and improve efficiency.

Seek Support from Family & Friends

  • Communicate your vision and goals, and include ways they can help.

  • Getting family and friends on board with your vision will help you stay accountable.

Get clear on your goals & create a 3-year plan to achieve your desired income

  • A plan with goals and actionable steps will help keep you on track.

  • An action plan with clearly defined and measurable objectives allows you to monitor your progress and make adjustments when necessary.

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