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5 Food Myths Busted

There are so many food myths out there and I wanted to share just a few. Marketing plays a big role in how we consume food, so as a health coach it's important to inform clients as best I can when it comes to feeding your body with the best nutrients. Here are 5 common thoughts that actually mean something else:

  1. Diet Coca Cola vs Coca Cola: the diet version is full of artificial sweetners such as aspartme which is linked to various health concerns from headaches to cancer. Whilst I would recommend ditching the fizzy drink entirely, if you do want one, go for the full fat version instead - take the calorie hit.

  2. Low Fat vs Full Fat: same as above. The low fat version is marketed. There might not be much difference in the calories, but there will be a higher sugar content and artificial chemicals in the low fat version. When it comes to yoghurt aim for 0% fat versions or full fat.

  3. Butter vs Margarine: again heavily marketed that margarine was better for you to help lower cholesterol. We now know this isn't true, as there is very little evidence to support it and it's highly processed. So if you're going to have either, try real butter.

  4. Avoid Carbs: why? carbohydrates provide us with energy and vital nutrients. Wholegrains are the best carbs you can eat; providing you with a host of vitamins, minerals and fibre. A balanced diet will include wholegrains, protein, vegetables & healthy oils and fats.

  5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: not necessarily. We are all very different and our bodies will work differently in how it digests food. For some people this is the most important. For others, it's not. Find what works best for you.

If you are trying to lose weight the simplest approach is to keep a food diary, have a calorie deficit and move your body more. However, as I say everyone is different, so there may be other factors prohibiting you from losing weight. This could be that you're eating the wrong foods, timing of your meals, or perhaps the medication that you're on.

If you want to get healthier in 2021 and aren't sure where to start, get in touch for a FREE health history.

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