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4 Reasons to Embrace Boredom

Interestingly, this week I watched a video where two mums discussed when their child tells them they are bored, they usually launch into a full list of things that can relieve the boredom. Although boredom is perceived to have negative feelings/outcomes it can actually be hugely beneficial.

Here are some benefits of embracing boredom:

  • Increase creativity: it can become an opportunity to turn inwards and reflect. In this moment it allows your mind to wander and daydream and perhaps problem-solve. Boring tasks can lead our minds to wander, which enhance our creative thinking. Without external stimulation or distractions it allows us to think differently and come up with creative ideas.

  • Creates adventure: without boredom we would not crave adventure or the discovery of anything new. Craving adventure and exploration helps the growth of our intelligence and curiosity.

  • Helps us set goals: it can be a signal that we're not pursuing what we want in life and therefore drives us to set goals on what we want to achieve in life. Boredom therefore, encourages us to focus on projects that bring us joy and meets our goals.

  • Helps self-control: the ability to focus and self-regulate is correlated with the way we handle boredom. Therefore, if we learn to handle boredom at an early age we can help improve our own self-control skills which helps support our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Next time you're feeling bored, don't look for an immediate escape. Instead, embrace the boredom. Allow your mind to wander and your imagination to explore. For the boredom may be a reflection of what want in our life.

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