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2020 Goal Setting

When most people talk about New Year resolutions, it seems to have something attached to it that might fail so then unfortunately most people either wing something half-hearted because they feel pressure to do something or they don't do anything at all.

For any new year, I look at it as an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and grow into the next. Setting goals and challenges for your year ahead, I feel, is a much more exciting way to look forward.

For me these are just some of my 2020 Goals/Challenges: • Read one new book per month (at least) • Walk at least 10K steps a day plus my workouts • Call my friends/family more often other than WhatsApp • Have a pamper day at least every quarter • Learn to play the guitar • Take on a new fitness challenge (tbd)

When setting your goals ask yourself: • What does reaching that goal mean to you? • How does it look/feel? • How long will it take to achieve? • What do you have to do to achieve it?

Whatever you decide to do, make it enjoyable and measure your success.

Above all, we get one life and not everyone made it to 2020. You're in the driver’s seat and can shape you're own destiny so just go for it ~ dream big!

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