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How to Build your Body Confidence

Confidence is something that many of us struggle with at times and I feel in today's world, media and society have a big part to play in how we perceive it and how we build it within ourselves. For many years media and society has dictated what women should look like, and the reason I say women is because unfortunately they are the most marketed to gender. However, the consumer industry is also hot on the heels of men too as the consumerism market grows. Social media plays a big part in how we compare ourselves to others which can have a detrimental affect on our mental health and how we look at ourselves. No matter how many times we tell ourselves and others, it's unfortunately too easy to be self critical and compare our bodies and lives with others (who we've never met). Although there are some fantastic accounts online showing what real bodies look like, it's important to understand that they are looking for validation too through these posts. So the bigger question is why do we seek the validation? Perhaps it is to feel connected, blend in, feel part of the group. Whatever it may be, we're at a point now where we need to hold each other up no matter what. We all have a body which comes in different shapes and sizes. For many of us, it's fully functioning which is something we should be grateful for, but of course at times this can be difficult for some, so treat yourself with compassion. Over the years, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't always give my body the credit it deserved. I punished it with negative self-talk, that I wouldn't dare say to a friend, so why would I say it to myself. It's taken many years to get to a point where I love my body. It's helped me experience life to the full and it's up to me to take care of my body. It's all within our own control to become more body confident in being kinder to ourselves. My top tips on how you can become more body confident:

  • Discover your inner beauty: make a list of the qualities you love most about yourself.

  • Positive Self Talk: start talking to yourself like you would to a best friend, be positive and flip any negative talk that comes your way.

  • Daily Affirmations: write yourself daily notes telling yourself how great you are. Use post its on your mirror & say it out loud morning and night.

Be conscious of how great you are and continue to let your inner beauty shine through.

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