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5 ways to improve your immune system

Your immune system plays a crucial role protecting your body from germs and cell changes that can make you ill. Made up of various organs, cells and proteins supporting you to stay healthy. To help support our immune system, especially as we approach winter when colds and flus are more common, it's vital to understand ways that can help.

  1. Sleep: your entire body needs rest every night aiming for at least 7hrs. When you're sleeping it allows the body to heal and keep your immune system running at it's optimum. If you struggle with your sleep click here for my free guide.

  2. Nutrition: eat a balanced diet with a focus on increasing your plant foods and healthy fats, which helps decrease inflammation in the body. Drinking ginger tea every morning can help decrease inflammation, support your digestive system & energise the body.

  3. Fermented foods: your gut health and immune system are intrinsically connected. Supporting your microbiome is so important. Try taking kefir everyday or some sauerkraut. Or if you prefer to supplement you could take a probiotic, however natural is always best.

  4. Move your body: try to engage in daily moderate exercise. It helps improve mobility, help blood flow and support the breakdown of fascia in the body. Getting out into nature is even better as it helps enhance the production of vitamin D in the body to support your nervous system and bone density.

  5. Vitamin D: try to get out in daylight as much as you can even if cold. Eat your lunch or dinner outside or take a walk for fresh air. Vitamin D helps the regulation of calcium in our body keeping our bones, teeth and muscles healthy. It also contributes to our mental health. In winter it may be worth taking a supplement to boost this.

Always speak with your GP before taking any supplements.

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