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10 Ways to Support your Mental Health

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and for that reason I wanted to share with you ways to look after your Mental Health. It doesn’t mean just this week, it’s all year round consistently. Our mental and physical well-being is connected, therefore it's vitally important that we look after both.

Eat Healthy: eating a balanced diet filled with nutrition for our physical health will also fuel our brain impacting our mental health. Your gut connects and communicates directly with your brain, therefore having good gut health is important. When our gut is happy, our brain is happy. Ensure you eat fresh produce - fruit, veg and good sources of protein that nourishes the body and mind. A balanced plate of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, good oils & fats with of course plenty of water to hydrate.

Stay Active: research has shown huge benefits of exercise improving mental well-being as well as, improving self-esteem, sleep and overall wellness. A walk is a great way to get active and it's free. Find something you enjoy doing which will make this activity easy.

Talk about your feelings: none of us have everything together so it’s important to talk about how you are feeling. “A problem shared is a problem halved.” Find a friend, loved one or colleague to confide in. Talking to someone can instantly bring you a sense of calm.

Stay in Touch: stay in contact with friends and family virtually or in person to grow connection and enhance relationships. Relationships are crucial to our growth as humans as we evolve, so nurture those that you have. Social connection keeps us healthy, find a community you want to be part of and build on it.

Drink Sensibly: alcohol is a depressant and therefore is not the best way to deal with your feelings. It’s recommended to monitor your alcohol intake sensibly and use other methods to help your mental health. And of course if alcohol doesn't agree with you, then walk away from it entirely. You can be fun and enjoy a great life without it.

Self-care: practice self-care daily. This can be anything that involves giving yourself space and time to reflect and look after yourself. There are many activities that can help you practice self-care including: going for a walk, taking a bath, singing & dancing, exercising, going for a massage, reading, knitting – anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

Spark Joy in your life: life isn’t just about working. We are here to enjoy life with our family and friends. Try to find what brings you joy in life and give it the space it needs to help you grow.

You Are More Than Enough: all you can do in life is your best. Don’t put yourself under pressure to live up to others expectations. Be kind to yourself and know that what you offer is enough. This will pass, give it time.

Ask for help: we don’t always need to reach rock bottom to need help. Sometimes in our busy lives all we need is someone to listen. Seek out the support you need to combat anything that is worrying you. Sleep: this is fundamental to our basic function as a human being. Without rest we can't function properly. Make sure you create a sleep routine that works for you and aim for at least 6-8hrs of sleep per night. Download my FREE sleep guide here with further tips.

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