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10 easy ways to be more sustainable

It's a hot topic right now and so it should be. Climate crisis is real and therefore it's up to us individually to make some daily changes that can help reduce the impact on our planet for future generations to come.

Here are some easy ways you can start to create change in your day to day life:

  1. REDUCE PLASTIC CONSUMPTION: become more mindful of when you are using plastic and try to use alternatives. Regardless of recycling we should try to limit the consumption as much as possible. Instead use reusable shopping bags, drink water from the tap and purchase a glass bottle to use. Become aware of convenience foods in plastic. Try to cook more at home and use glass containers.

  2. SHOP LOCAL PRODUCE: not only is it seasonally grown and better for your wellness but it also hasn't travelled a fair distance and therefore the carbon footprint is less.

  3. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: this may be challenging for some but where possible try to use public transport, or bike to work scheme or when safe car pool for work. Reduce our use of fuel on the roads is crucial to our air pollution. Perhaps if you're changing your car consider electric or hybrid as an alternative.

  4. WALK MORE: same as the above. Reduce the use of your car or transport entirely by walking. Not only is it great for the environment but also for your health.

  5. SHOP WISELY: question if you really need to purchase something and adapt the rule of thumb - one in one out - if you buy something new donate another item you already to have. Donate or sell items to ensure they get another home and don't go to landfill. - It takes approx. 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair jeans.

  6. RECYCLE: become aware of what you can recycle from your day to day life. Use your household bins appropriately and notice what you purchase and how you can recycle those materials.

  7. PLANT: where possible start to grow your own produce. Start small with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc. You don't need lots of space, you can start small with a window box.

  8. SAVE WATER: have a shower instead of a bath. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.

  9. HOUSEHOLD ENERGY: turn lights off when not in use. Dry clothes naturally avoiding use of the dryer. Switch to energy saving lightbulbs. Close doors to keep heat in.

  10. TRAVEL BY AIRPLANE LESS: try to reduce how many times you travel on an aircraft either on domestic or international flights.

Yes the governments will be making a pledge to create change but ultimately if we want to see change, we need to invoke it ourselves. Start small and do what you can to help drive change.

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