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How to eat mindfully

More often than we care to realise, we tend to eat mindlessly. We don’t pay attention while we eat working on the computer, watching TV or when we’re on the run. The joy of eating is when we actually slow down and enjoy the full experience of food.

When you take the time to explore each of the following during your next meal, begin to notice the difference. Eating mindfully helps you understand your body more, it enables you to check in and see what you like and then in turn know what your body needs.


Everyone is different, so don’t feel the need to eat just because the clock dictates it. Listen to your body and fuel it when you are hungry.


Step away from the computer and take your time to enjoy your meal at the dinner table if you can. If you’re at the office go eat outside on a bench or in the canteen, wherever takes you away from work or distractions. It will help you focus on your meal and enjoy it.


Be mindful that not everyone has the luxury of a meal more than once a day, if even. Therefore, practicing gratitude during meal times helps you appreciate the food, where it comes from and how it nourishes your body.


Ensure you drink plenty of water during the day. If you are experiencing cravings, you could be dehydrated or hungry because you haven’t eaten enough whole foods. Typically, you won’t snack/crave if you’re meal has met all of your nutritional needs.


Sight, Smell, Taste: sometimes we forget to use them. Be mindful of these and use them to check-in with your body and what it needs.


The most important. When you eat, just simply be present with your meal and the people around you. Being present will help you tune in to that place of gratitude.

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